Medium Hard / Hard Salami

1.75 Lb Salami

31.50 $

Romanian’s Salami is our most popular product. For over 60 years, our 100% all Beef Kosher Salami has been satisfying people worldwide, and we continue to supply more and more to ‘meat’ demand. Our salami is ready-to-eat. Whether it’s served fresh (soft) whole, sliced, or hang dried aged and served ‘hard’, everyone agrees it’s the best Kosher Salami there is. Hands down. And now you can ship our salami directly to your home or office! Also makes a great the BEST gift ever!

Hard Truth: All whole salamis ship with sausage wax-paper wrapping and a string to hang. Salamis in paper do not need to be refrigerated and can be hung to dry for a more flavorful experience. Once dried to your satisfaction, rinse salami under warm water to easily remove the paper & separate the paper from the meat before consumption. Keep whole salamis refrigerated to maintain soft-freshness for 1-2 weeks. Sometimes a fridge slime will develop on the wax-paper. NBD! Simply wipe clean, peel paper, and eat – the salami.